3 Ways to Deal with the Secret Costs of Dementia Caregiving
April 23, 2017

“To the world you may be one person; but to one person you may be the world.” — DR. SEUSS

I am encouraged every time I talk with family members who are struggling to figure out what’s ahead and how do deal with all the questions and all the paths they have to choose from. It reminds me of when I was in their shoes. It reminds me of why I’ve spent the last three years and my own money figuring out how to help people make the choices that narrow the paths they can focus on and how to anticipate the unexpected. Over and over again I am rewarded with words of thankfulness and appreciation for being the one person who could tie all the pieces together and make it understandable. Figuring out options and how to evaluate those options, then introducing team members they could access when needed, gave them such a sense of peace and relief, you could see it in their eyes and even their whole body as they relaxed.

My skill is listening for all the various elements that are part of each family’s dynamic. Without passing judgement, we are left to consider the options that offers outcomes defined by the families, even when there is disagreement. Yet, I don’t do this alone. It is through the trusted relationships of others I have learned from that we can truly offer a complete solution for the whole rest of a person’s aging journey,

While I’m not the only person who can help an older adult or their family, I might be the one person who can introduce them to the others that offer the relief and resources they desperately need.

– Marshall Stanek, Founder and Executive Director of Memory Guides

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