Life Resource Planning
Our clients were worried about spending money in the wrong way, were traumatized by unexpected or prolonged health events, or felt vulnerable by a lack of life planning. We help you develop a plan that works for you, with the resources available to you, and anticipates unexpected events in the future. We do this by learning about your current situation, developing a plan with options and a team of experts who stay with you along the way.

Everyone needs a plan for their aging journey. Without one, you are planning to fail and will learn how miserable life can be. There are so many areas people are vulnerable to surprises. When we meet with clients, we help find any areas that are incomplete and craft solutions that protect them financially, legally, and emotionally.

Let us sit with you, for free, and review your life plan. We started Memory Guides after our own experience of being unprepared and became dedicated to helping other families ready themselves and gain the peace of mind and unity that is possible when issues are addressed early.

We also learned that we couldn't do it alone. A key component to our plans is building the right team of experts around you and coordinating how that team works with you. We are there to guide you along the whole journey.

Quality of Life Areas Addressed

Knowing the resources you have to work with defines the options available. Even someone with no resources has options and services to help them with their plan.

Knowing what you do have let's us find more that might be available and how best to preserve that which you already have. As an example, click here to see what is in a comprehensive Estate Plan
Most people want to stay in their own home as long as possible, yet even that might offer some options. Is it better to upgrade where you are living, plan for downsizing, or find how combining family resources might offer intergenerational joy and the ability to stretch the budget.

If moving to another residence is seen in the future, coordinating all of it to maximize quality of life is something that experience can assist with. Whether it is the financial implication or the environment best fit for the situation. we help you plan the options best for you to live with the best quality of life for you.
Recognizing what your current health conditions are now and planning for what they could be in the future will better prepare you for what is currently unexpected. Even if something is not desired, having a plan for the possibility better prepares you to have peace of mind and more successful outcomes.

We have seen the impact of physical, mental and emotional conditions that were unexpected, and if ignored or unprepared for can devastate a family.

Knowing about and planning to use medical professionals to provide services at home or assure complete diagnosis regarding conditions assures the best treatments and outcomes, thus the best quality of living.
Research confirms that one of the most important aspect that improves a person's quality of life is the level of social engagement they maintain.

We work to assure that all Life Resource Plans include as much social engagement as possible to keep people engaged and active for optimal physical, emotional, and cognitive health.
How we are remembered is the legacy we leave for those coming behind us. We believe everyone should define the legacy they wish to leave others to remember them by and live their lives with the intention of creating lasting memories that inspire others to do the same.

This area prepares people to consider how they want to be remembered, so they can live their lives in such a way as for those memories to be lasting. This also includes the area of plans for after a person passes. By doing this early, there is opportunity to refine those plans along the way.

Process of Life Resource Planning

When you see the benefit of having a complete plan and contact us, we like to first talk by phone to understand the urgency and scope of what you are looking for. After that conversation, we send a questionnaire to begin collecting the information we'll review in our first meeting.

This step helps you begin organizing information which helps us design a complete plan. This also helps us better understand what options are available for you.
After reviewing the Pre-Survey, we arrange to meet with you to outline some initial thoughts and determine how best to proceed. If you have everything already handled, we can congratulate you and provide some additional ideas or connections that might help.

If a more extensive plan is needed, or it is determined that others in the family could also benefit from a Life Resource Plan, we can discuss how it makes sense to approach this, too.

We always leave this meeting with a mutual agreement of how to proceed, any fees that might be associated with services required, and clear next steps by everyone.
If a full analysis is desired, the information from the Life Resource Analysis Survey are entered into a system that produces the person's personal plan. Once this is received, another meeting is scheduled to review the plan with the person and others they want to be part of the planning process.
Every successful team knows that choosing the right members for the game assures success, and we help you do this for your plan. There are so many resources and experts, that even choosing the right ones can be overwhelming. We help you pick the right people and coordinate communication so everyone is working together for your best interests.
Now that a plan has been developed, it's time to take action and fill in the areas that were identified as needing answers, meeting with people deemed key to be key members of the team working together to assure the best outcomes along the journey.
Now, with a viable plan in place, that anticipates various conditions that could occur along the way, the person and focus on building the legacy they want to leave behind for others. This could be memories, stories, legal or financial entities, and final arrangements.