The Plan is to have the Plan before you need the Plan…
March 21, 2017
Life Resource Planning- What is it?
March 24, 2017

Who are Memory Guides?

Memory Guides™ = Peace of Mind.  We offer older adults and their families a planning process that evaluates current conditions and possible future conditions to develop a plan forward. Using a process called Life Resource Planning, we consider what paths are available and how future conditions might impact their journey.

This is especially valuable for people wondering about, worried about, or starting to have cognitive decline by giving them and their families a safe way to learn and prepare.

We’re about helping families plan a successful aging journey & leave a memorable legacy!

Who are the people working with Memory Guides?

  • We each lived through our own crisis.
  • We are united in helping families prepare themselves to avoid what we struggled through.
  • We look at all areas related to a person’s quality of life.
  • We believe that “no matter your resources, you should know your options.”
  • We started by offering Memory Cafés™. Social venues to gather and share with others willing to explore questions and concerns about aging and memory loss.

How can we help you or others you know?

When you’re ready, by using a process called Life Resource Planning, we can help you develop a personal plan for you or a loved one. As part of the process, we can connect you with professionals in various areas – legal, financial, health, benefits, etc. What is unique is we also stay alongside you, committed to you following your plan; adjusting it if necessary.

Wouldn’t you like guidance from someone who looked at the whole picture, knew the right questions to ask, what steps to follow and is connected with those having the answers?

We learned the hard way not to get caught in the crisis again. Let us help you write YOUR story and avoid the crisis.

We sincerely look forward to getting to know you, or someone you know that could benefit.

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